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The Illuminating Engineering Society of Taiwan Evolution

Originally can choose a name for the Taiwan illumination academic society (hereafter refers to as this meets), English name decides as THE ILLUMINATING ENGINEERING SOCIETY OF TAIWAN (to write in simple form IEST), take contacts the related illumination worker, the research illumination academic and with the international illumination related organization relation exchange material, the promotion international cooperation, the enhancement illumination standard as the objective.

Originally can be established on October 18 of 1983, original named "Republic of China illumination academic society", on February 21 of 2002 to change name is " THE ILLUMINATING ENGINEERING SOCIETY OF TAIWAN ", the member proliferates produces, the official and educational world, the population surpasses 900 people, most has academic society of the representative for the domestic illumination research. Director holds a concurrent post by Taiwan Telegraphic Transmission company general manager, is equipped with 21 directors, 7 supervisors and the secretariat promotes the service.

There are main works which all previous years handles as follow:

  1. Participate in the Taiwan electric power company to sponsor it "to save the energy to observe and emulate the meeting" the demonstration.
  2. Invite the overseas experts to conduct the related illumination scholarly research and technical speech.
  4. Release illumination publication(according to season release).
  5. Promoted rural reasonable illumination and school classroom illumination.
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